Sunday, October 16, 2011

Use Your Pendrive As Extra RAM For Your PC

Did you know that you can use your Pendrive as a temporary RAM for your PC? Using ReadyBoost, you can do that now. This is useful if your system has low RAM. This feature is can speed up your PC. 
ReadyBoost was first introduced in Windows Vista and is available in Windows 7 too. 
This trick can be used in Windows XP also, but you need to download a tool for that. More about that later.

First, we'll see how to use this feature in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows Vista/7:

1. Plug in your Pendrive to  your PC. It is preferable that you have at least 1 GB free space on your Pendrive.

2. Right click on your Pendrive and select Properties.

3. Click on the Ready Boost tab.

4. Here, select Use This Device. If you select Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost, the system will use all the free space on your Pendrive for this purpose.

5. After selecting Use This Device, move the bar below to allot space to use as RAM. If you have 2GB free space then give it 2084 MB. If you have more, then give it 4094MB.

6. Click Apply and then OK. Now restart your system. That's it. 

You're system will now be using your Pendrive for extra RAM. This will speed up your PC. Systems with low RAM will be able to see significant changes. 
If you want to stop using it, you just have to open Properties again and select Do not use this in the ReadyBoost tab.

Windows XP:
For those of you who are using Windows XP, you can use the eboostr, a tool using which you can use your Pendrive for extra RAM.
To download, click on the below link.
Download eboostr

Now you can speed up your PC without any hardware upgrades! :)

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