Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Access Your Removable Drive (Pen Drive) Contents Directly From Your Taskbar

When you connect a Removable device to your computer, you have to access it by going to My Computer and clicking on the Drive to view the contents. For some lazy people like me, there is an easy way to access the device contents directly from the Taskbar.

1. Right click on the desktop and create a new text document.

2. Rename the text document as 'drive letter.exe' which means if your removable drive letter is H, then name it as Drive H.exe. If your drive letter is I, then name it as Drive I.exe.

3. A message will appear asking you to confirm. Click Yes.

4. The document is now a .exe (executable) file. Now, right click on the file and select Pin To Taskbar.

5. The file will be pinned to your Taskbar. Right Click on it and Right click again on Drive I and select Properties.

6. Change the Target to I:\ and Start in to I: as shown below. Then click on the Change Icon button.

7. Change the icon of the file to whichever icon you like and click Apply and then Ok. Done!

Now to access your Removable Drive contents, you just have to click on the icon in your Taskbar. :)

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